We use facilitation as a key technique to enable open conversations, support sense and meaning making of strategic changes, reduce distance between employees and leaders, enhance trust and reach consensus on broad range of strategic issues.

What does FACILITATION mean to us?

To facilitate means to ‘smooth the way’, to bring different perspectives together, and to assist the process of creating new possibilities. Facilitation is both science and art, a rational and emotional process. We balance cognitive and emotional intelligence skills, we blend experience, reflection, relevant theory and application. We are aware that great facilitation begins long before the doors of the meeting room opens. It’s the result of reaching synergy between us and client’s team, careful needs analysis, workshop co-design and planning.

Each of our collaborative sessions is a personalized experience, organized and managed by a diverse team: lead and co-facilitators, consultants and knowledge workers, industry experts and event partners. We aim to create an environment which encourages openness, new ideas sharing, mutual understanding and support. We break down hierarchies and give a way to genuine collaboration and co-generation of strategic content. This collaborative work and its principles often initiate cultural changes in organizations, which manifests in employees increased engagement, adapted attitudes and behaviors – the essential aspects of any successful strategy implementation.