95% of the typical workforce doesn’t understand their organization’s strategy*. It’s one of the main reasons of employees’ disengagement in strategy implementation process. Strategies become more and more complex, while especially new generation of leaders operates in a highly visual, easily accessible and interactive contemporary world of information. Not clear, focused and consistent strategic content results in employees missing priorities of the business, cannot “internalize” the strategy and act upon it. Teamacting consultants help to transform complex strategic messages into effective, compelling internal and external communications, and action plans.

*Ram Chandra and Geoffrey Colvin, 
Fortune Magazine

To adapt and craft powerful contents we use: broad knowledge of employees engagement factors, management consulting tools, industry/field experts, as well as insight into your unique corporate culture, business environment and ambition. 
We support you in creation of  (among others):

- Engagement and communication plans
- Vision, ambition, purpose statements
- Strategic content (goals, objectives, action plans)
- Organizational charts, business models, SWOT analysis
- Roles and responsibilities
- Work attitudes and collaboration principles