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Human Oriented

We care about people and their interests. We help people evolve by finding within themselves the answers they are looking for. We always speak the truth and use every means to help. We put ethics and our clients trust above everything and never give upon our authenticity.




We infuse passion, enthusiasm, and fun in everything we do. We want to be role models and inspire people to improve and develop their potential in the most innovative and efficient ways. To find the best solutions for them, we shake up our worlds until we find the bubble that will add value to our work.

We come together to build great ideas. We listen to each other and explore new solutions as a team. We enjoy every mission as a challenge to translate people’s needs into creative, original, and ambitious journeys. Proof of our curiosity and spirit, we are never afraid to think outside the box and think big.

Our ultimate quest is to create the WOW effect. Through our attitude, we push new boundaries, every day! No matter what others think or say, we stand for what we believe in and challenge people to leave their comfort zone for good. We are risk-takers and spread the Winning spirit in everything we do.

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We don’t just have clients; we have partners. These growing partnerships are grounded in an understanding that we can learn from each other. In this way, we have helped international corporations that are specialized in various industries including manufacturing, sourcing, retail and services. Our projects together have ranged from simple workshops to nation-wide strategic deployment. Whatever your ambitions, we are ready to take you through a unique journey to success- tailored to your culture and organization.



Wheretofromhere? is a boutique consulting firm founded in 2013 in Hong Kong by former management consultants and collaboration designers, now headquartered in Sydney (Australia) and operates globally through a network of carefully curated partners. They key mission is to help leaders achieve their boldest ambitions and deal with complexity from vision to execution. Wheretofromhere? as our strategic partner, supports us in continuous development of our facilitation capabilities and reaching highest facilitation standards.


Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures.

Over 10 million employees in 50 countries annually take the Trust Index© Employee Survey, Its proprietary research tool. Great Place to Work® mission is to build a better world by helping organizations become Great Places to Work FOR ALL. As Best Practice Partner, we provide high quality, added value solutions to our mutual customers, and solve the different challenges they face to become great workplaces.


L1NG is an aspiring creative marketing & communication solution provider located in Guangzhou. L1NG helps clients to reach their business goals by creating & building their brand community with creative content generating, online promotion, social media management, experiential events as well as getting brands out there with L1NG’s extensive media relationships and KOL resources. L1NG’s Chinese team with oversea background is the best choice for foreign brands to connect with the massive china market. L1NG will help you launch your new strategy through its events and communication services to your target crowd in China.

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